Leaving nothing but fresh air behind.

Now that is a bold statement for any brand to make, some might say impossible, others foolish.

At Febreze we believe in trying to make the impossible possible and don’t mind making a fool of ourselves occasionally. Only a few years ago it was impossible to truly eliminate bad odours but Febreze changed the game when we launched Fabric Refresher. Now we want to go one step further, to leave nothing behind but fresh air, even when it comes to our packaging.

This is where our unique co-operation with the crazy guys at TerraCycle comes into play. They dream as big as we do, that the world will be a better place if we recycle and upcycle as much as humanly possible. This joining of kindred spirits means we can recycle almost everything - free of charge for you – and take “leave nothing behind” literally.

It is a shame but some parts of our Febreze products cannot be recycled via kerbside council recycling collections. But TerraCycle has come to the rescue and together we have found a solution that starts to make the impossible possible.

What does that mean exactly?

Our co-operation with TerraCycle ensures that recycling all your favourite products is as simple as eliminating odours. TerraCycle’s innovative recycling system makes it possible to use our packaging in new plastic products and packaging, discover how TerraCycle works. With every collected piece of household waste you further collect points and redeem them for your favourite community or if you never really liked community, a non-profit organisation.

In the UK alone TerraCycle's recycling programmes have saved over 39 million pieces of waste from landfill, raising over £545,000 for communities and charities. That’s £545,000 for the rubbish you throw out. If that isn’t an incentive to sign up at terracycle.co.uk, we don’t know what is!

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